Cover Ten Initiative

image I hope you have read my story and witnessed that hope does exist is this world. God is here with us, and He loves us.

And now you are wondering what you can do in the midst of change, seeing the pain and the joy around you every day. You are a witness to change on the news, in the streets, in your home, and your neighbors’ homes. If you have been inspired by My Unsung Psalm, then I invite you to begin your next journey. While writing this book, God offered me a vision of the world that I call Cover Ten.

Cover their needs: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, financially, professionally, educationally, and give them life by making them a part of your family. These are the ten needs of all people which can offer hope and deliver peace.

Some people will need more covering than others and at varied times but each of us has the capacity to give generously of ourselves. We are free to decide how we dispense of our gifts. This is the true meaning of tithing our share, our portion of God’s grace.

Reach an understanding with each person who truly needs you. Ask them to join you, and allow you to serve their unmet needs. Let them know that they can count on you; and establish a covenant between yourselves, and with God. Then, ask them to do the same for ten more people because their needs are being met. People will change and their needs will change because you care. You may already be covering more people than you realize.

Cover each other until the entire world is covered in God’s love. Consider the exponential factor as our combined efforts are multiplied in this relationship. Only God could have designed such a simple solution to such a profound problem. It can happen if you believe in Cover Ten with me.

Thank you for your valuable time. I have enjoyed sharing my life and My Unsung Psalm with you.