My Unsung Psalm in hardcover $23.95
Available July 1 at

My Unsung Psalm begins with an invitation for you to experience seeing God for the first time...

Excerpt from book
"Have there been times in your life when you have wondered about a day like this, a day when time stands still? Have you felt this moment brush across your memory like a warm blanket? It is a memorial to something you once knew and long to embrace. The memory keeps you moving forward, hoping one day to be found in Godís presence again. This moment is here and every breath that surrounds you is His."
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My Unsung Psalm in paperback $13.95
Easily portable for travel, this paperback book conventially fits in most bags for those private times that invite contemplation. - Available July 1 at

My Unsung Psalm on audio CD $34.00
Listen to Katherine's soft voice as she reads the pages of her book for your enjoyment. Her delicate expressive tone welcomes you into her story and asks you to sit for awhile with her. Share a deeply unique experience of fellowship. - NOT YET AVAILABLE
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God's Psalm set to Music MP3
Embrace the words of God's psalm as it is sung in three voices and accompanied by a symphany of instruments. Haunting and mysterious, the voices intertwine and echo responses back to one another. Incredibly stirring your spirit will want to learn the song of God's heart. - NOT YET AVAILABLE